Specify the portion of this invoice on which this distribution is to be based. For example, a miscellaneous distribution code for a 5% sales commission must show the amount on which the commission will be based, not the amount of the commission. Later, AR reports will apply the distribution rate (defined in AR Misc Distribution Codes) to this amount in order to compute the actual commission amount.

If adding distributions manually, this field initially defaults the total billed amount. If posting multiple distributions, the default for each distribution will reflect the billed amount minus the previous distribution amounts. If the billed amount is not fully distributed upon exiting, a message displays stating that total distribution amounts are not equal to the billed amount. However, exit is allowed.

For T&M billings with 'Miscellaneous' type sequences, and billing was initialized, this field defaults the billed amount for the first distribution code, then 0.00 for all additional distribution codes. You will need to manually adjust the distribution amount for each additional distribution code.