Approved for Billing

The Approved for Billing check box on the JB Progress Billing form, Info tab.

If you are using the web-based Financial Controls application, this check box interacts with the Financial Controls review process.

Select this check box when this progress bill is approved for billing.

Clear this check box if this progress bill is not approved or if you are not tracking the review process for billings.

Note: If you are tracking the review process for billings (that is, the Use Review and Approval Workflow check box is selected in the JB Company Parameters form), the Review Level defined for the associated contract (in the JC Contract Master form) determines what level of the review process is required before you can interface the billing. For example, if you set the review level to 3-Sent to Customer, you can only interface this bill if you select either the Sent to Customers or Approved for Billing check box.
Tip: You can change the field values in the Bill Status Tracking section only when the Status drop down value is either A-Active or C-Change.