If you initialized billings, this field defaults to the contract for the billing and is disabled.

If entering this billing manually, specify the contract (JC Contracts) for this billing. Once you save the record, this field is disabled.

Closed Contracts

Regardless of whether you are changing an existing billing or manually adding a new billing, if the billing's contract has been soft or hard closed (indicated in red to right of contract), the ‘Allow Posting to Soft-Closed Jobs’ and ‘Allow Posting to Hard-Closed Jobs’ options in JC Company Parameters determine how the billing is handled.

  • If you allow posting to hard and/or soft-closed jobs, the contract's description reads, "Contract is closed”, but save is allowed.

  • If you do not allow posting to soft or hard-closed jobs, in addition to the contract description indicating the contract is closed, you will receive the following message:

Contract is soft-closed (or hard-closed). Billing not allowed.

You will be able to save the billing, but you will be unable to enter any item values. This allows adding a bill header for the purpose of releasing retainage. Once you have released retainage and interfaced the billing, you will be unable to change information on the bill header.