These options are available when billings are invoiced, but not yet interfaced.

  • A-Active – Invoices initially default this status when a billing is first created.

  • N-Never Interfaced – Select this status if this billing will never be interfaced. This option is typically used when a contract item requires both a Progress and T&M billing (defined in JC Contract Items), but only one billing is interfaced to prevent a duplicate billing in AR.

These options are available once a billing has been invoiced and interfaced.

  • C-Change – Defaults to this status automatically when changes are made to Item or Change Order detail for a billing that has been previously interfaced. If changes are made to the Invoice, Due, or Discount Dates or the Payment Terms (header), this field must be changed to this status manually. Only billings with this status will update AR when re-interfaced.

  • D-Delete – Select this option to delete a previously interfaced invoice. Only billings in an open month can be deleted. (Note: If you set a billing to this status and change orders exist for the billing, a message displays stating that the billing cannot be deleted until change orders are removed. Remove the change order by using JB Progress Bill Change Orders. When finished, reset this field to Delete.)

  • I-Interfaced – Invoices that have been interfaced will automatically default this status.