Intialize Contract Billings

Use the JB Complete Bill form to initialize contract billings upon completion.

Typically, the JB Complete Bill form will be used for contracts where a one-time billing occurs after the entire job is completed. However, it can be used to create a bill that is 100% complete for a selected contract when previous billings have occurred. In this case, the system uses the difference between the previous billed amounts and the contract total to create a new bill for the balance.

Upon opening this form, the grid displays all open contracts for the current company that have the Bill on Completion box checked in JB Contract Info, the Bill Type set to ‘Progress’ or ‘Both’ in JC Contracts, and no previous billings that were initialized from this form.

  1. Specify the bill month in the Bill Month field.
  2. Select the Completed check box for all contracts to be billed.
  3. Click the Update button.
 A billing generates for each contract.
To edit or delete generated billings, use the JB Progress Billing form. Deleted billings can be re-initialized with this form, if necessary.
For more information about the JB Complete Bill form, see About the JB Complete Bill Form.