JB Move Bill Month

Use this form to move active job billings (Progress, T&M, and Both) to a new month.

One common use for this feature is when you need to close out a month, but have invoices that are not yet ready for interfacing to Accounts Receivable. Moving the bills to a new month allows you to close out the month without having to delete unposted billings and manually re-enter them in a new month.

Although you will typically move a bill forward to the next month, you can move a bill back to an earlier a month if needed.

In order to move a bill, the following criteria must be met:
  • The bill's current and target months must be open within the AR and GL ledgers.

  • The bill and any subsequent bills for that contract must be unposted (not yet interfaced to AR), and cannot exist in an open interface workfile or batch.

When you move a bill, the following occurs:
  • For Progress and Both-type bills:
    • If the bill is moved to a later month, all subsequent bills for that customer/contract within the same month are also moved to the later month, and previous amounts and % complete for bill items adjusted. If any bills exist for the contract in the later month, they are moved forward in that later month to maintain bill order.

    • If the bill is moved to an earlier month, any previous bills for that customer/contract within the original month are also moved to the earlier month. Any subsequent bills created for that contract remain as they are.

  • For straight T&M bills (those where all items are T&M):
    • Regardless of whether you are moving the bill to an earlier month or a later month, only the selected billing is moved, since T&M bills are not dependent upon 'previous' values, nor are they all associated with a contract.

    • All Job Cost detail associated with the bill is updated, regardless of whether the bill is moved to a later month or earlier month.

  • For all bill types, when you move a bill to a new month, the bill number changes based on the last bill number for the destination month.

Click the link below for more information about moving bills to a new month.

Move Active Job Bills to a Different Month