About the JB Release Retainage Form

Use this form to release withheld retainage from previously interfaced billings.

Retainage released using this form can be included on a current billing.

Note: You cannot release retainage on closed-month billings. If you access a closed-month billing, a blue warning displays next to the Bill Number field and the system disables all fields. To release retainage related to a closed-month billing, create a new bill in an open month (with zero amounts) and use this form to release the desired amount on the new billing.

The Total Net Retainage field in the Release by Contract section of the form displays the retainage amount available for release. The system determines amount by adding the open retainage for this contract (Previous Net Retainage field) to the current billing’s retainage (This Bill Net Retainage field).

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