About the JB T&M Bill Edit Form

Use this form to edit invoices created in JB T&M Bill Initialization or to enter a new invoice manually.

From this form you can also edit header and line detail, Job Cost detail, miscellaneous distribution information, or delete an entire invoice.

Note: To view all bills for the current JB company, select Options > Show All Invoices. All invoices display on the Grid tab. This display option is not saved and will not be displayed the next time the form is accessed.

You can set up billings automatically using JB T&M Bill Initialization or add them manually.

When you initialize T&M billings, all items on a contract with a Bill Type of “T&M” are added to the billing. For more information on the initialization process, see About Initializing T&M Billings.

When you enter a bill manually, much of the information on this form defaults once the contract is specified. This information includes the customer, billing address, and payment terms. As with initialization, only contract items with a Bill Type of “T&M” are added to the billing.

Editing Invoices

The Info tab is the first of several editing options available for each invoice.

From this form you can access the following forms to fine-tune invoices or set up a new one manually:

  • JB T&M Bill Lines — Click the Bill Lines button to access this form. Use the form to edit line and sequence detail, as well as access the job cost detail for each source line.
  • JB T&M All JC Detail Lines — Select File > Job Cost Detail to access the Job Cost detail for all line sequences. Use this form to edit the billing status of JC transactions or remove them from the current billing. This form displays all transactions for the billing in order by sequence line and then transaction number.
  • JB T&M JC Detail for Lines — Click the JC Detail button from JB T&M Bill Line Sequences. This form works the same as JB T&M All JC Detail Lines, except that only transactions pertaining to the specific sequence line display and can be edited or removed.
  • JB Miscellaneous Distributions — Double-click a record on the Misc Distributions tab to access this form. Use the form to create miscellaneous distributions that interface to AR.

For more information, see About Updating Previous Billed Amounts on Future Bills.

Copy Associated Attachments

Attachments associated with the current billing can be copied to a directory and later used to generate a CD that can be sent along with the billing for additional detail. You can only use this feature when the JC Interface Level in AP Company Parameters is set to “Line.” For more information, see Copy Associated Attachments.

Add Invoice Notes

You can add notes to a T & M billing at the header, line, and/or detail level in JB T&M Bill Edit.

Notes entered at the header level apply to the entire billing, whereas notes entered at the line and detail levels are specific to the selected line or line sequence. When printing invoices, you have the option to include the billing notes on the invoice, depending on the selected invoice format (e.g. JB T&M Invoice by Sequence, JB T&M Invoice by Contract, JB T&M Invoice by Date, etc.). If you select to print notes, the header notes print at the top of the invoice above the invoice detail, and line and line sequence notes print with their respective line or sequence.

Note: To print all related line and/or sequence details on a report, select the Print Full Detail check box on the report launcher window.

Bill Status Tracking

The Bill Status Tracking section allows you to assign a JB reviewer group, and then track the review and approval process for Progress billings. Once you assign a reviewer group, the Reviewers tab shows the reviewers in the specified reviewer group. The Reviewer tab is display only.

Tip: You can change the field values in the Bill Status Tracking section only when the Status drop down value is either A-Active or C-Change.

Field Tickets

The Field Tickets (display only) tab shows all field tickets associated with the selected billing. Field tickets only display on this tab once they are approved and added to a billing manually, via initialization (in JB Bill Initialization), or using the JB T&M JC Detail Fill Grid form.

You can delete all costs for a ticket from the bill by selecting the related bill line/ticket in the grid and clicking Delete. The system prompts you to delete all bill lines associated with the field ticket. Only select Yes if you want all bill lines associated with the ticket deleted. If you select No, the delete process is canceled and the bill line/ticket remains intact.

Once you delete a bill line/ticket from this grid, the system sets the field ticket status back to Approved (in JC Field Tickets) and clears the Bill Month and Bill Number fields.

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