About the JB T&M Bill JCDetail By Seq Form

Use this form to review the JC transaction detail for a particular bill line and detail sequence.

Access this form by clicking the JCDetail button in JB T&M Bill Line Sequences. When opened, this form automatically defaults to the currently selected detail sequence line and the grid displays all of the JC transactions that comprise this sequence.

Cost Transaction Detail

You can view cost transaction details by expanding the Cost Transaction Detail section above the grid (click button). Clicking on each detail line displays the cost detail for that line. The cost detail shown differs depending on the line's transaction type. For example, a PR line will show the Employee, Craft, Class, Factor, and Shift info, while an EM line will show the EMCo, Equipment, and Revenue Code info.

If you are using billing categories (that is, you selected the Labor, Equipment, and/or Material Categories check boxes on the T&M template), you can see the billing category assigned to a sequence (in JB T&M Template) by selecting the detail line and pressing Ctrl + A.

Note: In order to see the billing category for a detail line, you must first expand the Cost Transaction Detail section.

Adding Transaction Details to Sequences

This form does not allow transaction editing; you can only add, delete, or mark transactions as billable. When adding a JC transaction to the sequence, the detail must match the detail requirements defined for the template sequence (e.g., source, summary and sort options, cost type, etc.) prior to initialization. If the transaction's detail does not match the requirements, a warning displays. If the transaction does match the requirements, the system adds the transaction amounts (Units, Amount) to the detail sequence totals.

You can add transaction detail to sequences using one of the following methods:
  • Manually entering the JC Month and JC transaction in the grid

  • Using the JB T&M JC Detail Fill Grid form, accessed by clicking the Fill Grid button. For more information, see Add JC Cost Detail to a T&M Billing.

Regardless of which method you use, the system automatically sets the transaction to Billable. If the transaction is not billable, deselect the Billable check box. However, if you set the status to Non-Billable, the system does not add the amount to the detail sequence's total amount. The transaction remains flagged as non-billable and will not display on subsequent billings. If the entire billing is deleted, and later re-initialized, the system includes this transaction, which defaults as billable.
Note: You can also add cost detail to a billing using the JB T&M JC Detail Fill Grid form. However, you must access the form via JB T&M Bill Edit by selecting File > Job Cost Detail. Cost detail added at the bill level adds JC Detail for all lines and sequences.
Note: A transaction's Unit Price does not update the sequence's Unit Price. Additionally, the transaction's units only update the sequence's units if the unit of measure is the same.

To delete transaction detail, select the appropriate detail line and click the Delete button.