Detail: Date

For templates using a sort option other than ‘A-Actual Date:

  • If template is set for full detail (Sum Opt is ‘1’), this field defaults the transaction date of the JC transaction associated with this detail sequence. If multiple transactions exist for the detail sequence, this field defaults the date of the oldest JC transaction.

  • If template is set for summarized detail (Sum Opt is ‘99’), this field defaults as null. If you enter a date here, date will display for the detail line, but will not necessarily represent the transaction dates of the combined JC transactions.

Note: The system will compare this date against the Effective Date specified for labor, equipment, and material rates (as applicable) to determine whether to use the ‘old rate’ or ‘new rate’. For templates using a sort option of ‘A-Actual Date’:

This field defaults the date specified for the bill line. If you change the defaulted date, the following message displays:

The template upon which this bill is based is set to sort by Actual Date. The Bill Line’s Actual Date is not the same as this input date. Rates defaulted to this form are based upon an Effective Date equal to the Lines Actual Date value.

Note: For information about all JC transactions related to this detail sequence, click the JC Detail button at the end of this line.