Detail: Hours

Defaults the number of hours for this line sequence based on the JC detail. May be overridden.

If entering the sequence manually, specify the number of hours, if applicable.

Equipment Transactions

If a sequence is summarized, the hours will default as follows:

  • If hourly based and using straight hourly (i.e. Time U/M=Hrs, Hours/Time Unit=1), defaults total number of hours.

  • If hourly based and using time units (e.g. Time U/M=Day, Hours/Time Unit=8), time units will be converted to hours. Example: If time UM is Day and number of time units is '5', hours will default as '40' (5 x 8).

  • If unit based, hours will default as 0.00.

  • If both hour based and unit based transactions are combined, hours (and units) will default as 0.00 and only subtotal will be accumulated.

Note: The posted revenue code determines whether transactions are hour or unit based.