About the JB T&M Template Labor Override Form

Use this form (accessed from the main menu or by double-clicking a record on the Labor Rate Overrides tab in JB T&M Template Setup) to set up labor rate overrides for templates by category.

Labor categories are set up in JB Labor Categories and allow you to group specified classes and crafts together on a billing. You must set up labor categories before setting up labor rates and labor rate overrides.

Note: If you set the Labor Rate Option to Costs for a template (in JB T&M Template Setup), labor rates are disregarded during the billing process. You can still set up labor rate overrides here; however, the system will ignore this information when generating billings using the selected template.

New Labor Rate Effective Date

This date identifies the effective date for labor rate overrides (as defined in JB T&M Template Labor Rates), allowing you to define new override rates ahead of time, while preserving the current override rates until the new ones are in effect.

Since the effective dates for override labor rates are assumed to be the same as those for standard labor rates, you will need to define effective dates using JB T&M Template Labor Rates.

When initializing billings or adding JC transactions to existing billings, the effective date is used to determine which override rates apply. The system bills labor transactions with 'actual' dates prior to the effective date at the old override rate and labor transactions with 'actual' dates on or after the effective date at the new override rate. If you do not specify an effective date, the new rate is used and the old rate ignored.

Note: You can automatically update the old rates for all entries in the grid using the Move New Rates to Old option (File menu). When selected, the system automatically updates the old rate for all entries in the grid with the new rates.

Rate Restrictions

As with standard labor rates for a template, you will need to define override rates by category. However, in addition to earnings type, factor, and shift, overrides can also be specific to an employee, craft, and/or class. For example, you can specify that a labor rate will apply to all employees of a specific craft/class.

Rate Option

The rate option assigned to each category determines how labor will be billed.

  • C = Actual Costs. Bill labor using the actual costs posted to Job Cost.

  • R = Rate. Bill labor using the Rate specified for the labor category.

  • F = Factor. Bill labor using the earnings factor posted to JC multiplied by the Rate specified for the labor category.

Note: Labor rate overrides will only be used when initializing billings if the selected template has a Labor Rate Option of Rates and the Allow Labor Rate Overrides box is checked for the template (in JB T&M Template Setup). Otherwise, standard labor rates are used.

Delete a Labor Rate Override

To delete a labor rate, select the rate’s line in the grid and click the Delete button. The system displays a message box confirming the deletion. Click Yes to delete the labor rate from the grid.

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