This option is only used when restricting the inclusion of data by Labor, Equip, and/or Material Categories (check boxes above).

Specify the category to restrict data by for this sequence. Only categories for the specified source may be used, and only data matching the specified category will be included in this line.

Note: When billings are initialized, categories will only be used if labor, burden, equipment, or material cost types are specified on the Cost Types tab at the bottom of the screen. For example, if you are using labor categories and have specified a category for the sequence, then you must have a labor and/or burden cost type assigned to the sequence.

Additionally, if more than one of the “Use Categories” options is checked above, each unique source must be set up as a different sequence in order to restrict by category. If multiple sources are set up for a single sequence, the system cannot distinguish what category goes with what source; therefore, entry of a category will not be allowed.

JB T&M Template Setup