Flat Amt Opt

Use this field when the billable amount for a sequence line is a flat amount. Typically, flat amounts are used when the billable amount is not associated with job cost detail or detail from other sources (i.e. AP, PR, EM, IN, or MS). For example, if a job only requires a one-time billing, and the billable amount should be the value of the current contract, select “C-Curr Cont Amt” in this field. Or, if billing a recurring monthly fee (e.g. maintenance), select “F-Flat Bill Amt” to set up the monthly fee as a flat billing amount.

  • O-Orig Cont Amt – Uses the original contract amount (total of all contract items with a Bill Type of T) as the billing amount for the sequence.

  • C-Curr Cont Amt – Uses the current contract amount (including all change orders) as the billing amount for the sequence.

  • F-Flat Bill Amt – Uses the T&M Flat Billing Amount specified for the contract (in JB Contract Info) as the billing amount for the sequence.

  • A-Addon Amt – Uses the amount specified in the Add-on Amt field for the sequence.

JB T&M Template Setup