Price Option

Specify which pricing option to use for determining what value will be used as the billing price for a material when creating material detail invoices.

  • C-Actual Price – The actual unit cost is posted to JC Cost Detail (JCCD) for all materials, regardless of whether they are stocked or not. This option can be used for all sources (AP, EM, IN, JC, and MS).

  • P-Std Price – The standard unit price from HQ Materials is used. If a standard price is not indicated in HQ Materials (which may be the case if the source is not IN or MS) the actual unit cost posted to JCCD is used.

  • L-Location Price – If the source is IN or MS, and the posted material is stocked, the unit price for the material/location is used. For all other sources, the actual unit cost posted to JCCD is used. This option is only available if MS and/or IN are active.

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