JB T&M JC Detail Fill Grid

Use this form to add Job Cost detail to an active T&M billing without affecting changes made to existing cost detail. This allows you to add cost detail that you previously deleted from a bill, as well as add new, unbilled cost detail that was posted after you created a bill.

Access this form from JB T&M Bill Edit using one of the following methods:
  • Select File > Job Cost Detail (accesses the JB T&M Bill All JCDetail Lines form) and then click Refresh Cost Detail.

  • Click Bill Lines (accesses the JB T&M Bill Line Sequence form), select a bill line and sequence and click JCDetail (accesses the JB T&M Bill JCDetail by Seq form), and then click Fill Grid.

Once you specify the criteria to use (date range, cutoff month, labor cutoff date) and click Fill Grid, the system adds cost detail not already on the billing to the JB T& M Bill All JCDetail Lines grid or the JB T&M Bill JCDetail by Seq grid, depending on how you accessed this form. Once you close the initiating form and click Refresh, the system updates the invoice totals accordingly.
Note: When you add cost detail via the JB T&M Bill All JCDetail Lines form, the system adds all of the JC Detail for all lines and sequences, whereas adding cost detail via the JB T&M Bill JCDetail by Seq form adds only JC Detail for the selected bill line and sequence.

Click the link below for information about adding job cost detail to a billing.

Add JC Cost Detail to a T&M Billing