Move Active Job Bills to a Different Month

You can move active bills (Progress, T&M, and Both) forward a month if they are not ready to interface to AR, but you need to close the current month. You can also move billings back to an earlier month, if necessary.

In order to move a billing, it must not yet be interfaced and the source and destination months must be open in GL.
The following steps detail how to move a bill to a different month.
  1. From the Vista main menu, select Job Billing > Programs > JB Move Bill Month.
    The JB Move Bill Month form displays.
  2. In the Bill Month field, enter the bill month of the bill you are moving.
  3. In the Target Month field, enter the open month to which you are moving the bill.
  4. In the Bill Number field, enter the bill number of the bill you are moving or press F4 to select from a list of bills for the specified bill month.
    The Bill Information section displays the bill's invoice number, customer, contract (if applicable), and bill amount. These are are not editable.
  5. Click Move Bill.
    The system displays a confirmation message.
  6. Click OK.
The system sets the bill month to the specified month and assigns a new bill number based on the next sequential number available in the selected month. The JB Move Bill Month form remains open to allow for moving additional bills. If you are finished, just close the form.