About the JB Batch Process Form

Use this program to process batches created by JB Interface.

After you specify the month and batch to process, the Info section displays information about the batch (specifically, batch creator, creation date, batch source, and status).

The next step is to validate the information in the batch (by clicking Validate). The validation process runs through all the data in the batch and creates Audit Reports to preview and/or print before posting the batch. It is recommended that you print the audit lists before posting the batch. Once you post the batch, the audit reports are no longer available. For a list of audit reports available for this module, see Audit Reports.

Once the batch is ready for processing, enter the posting date and click Post. The system clears the entries and closes the batch.

About Clearing the Batch

You can clear a batch if needed by selecting File > Clear Batch. The data in the batch is not updated online; therefore, you can delete it completely without affecting any modules, including Job Billing. The system will clear/delete all data from the batch. If the batch contains previously posted transactions, they are only cleared from the batch—they are not deleted.

Note: The system creates an audit record each time you clear a batch. For information about cleared batches (i.e. user who cleared batch, as well as the date and time the batch was cleared), use the VA 'Other Events' Statistics report.

You cannot clear a batch if posting is in progress (that is, the batch has a status of 4-Posting in Progress. This is to prevent partially updated batches from being deleted should the update process be interrupted (i.e. power outage, system failure, etc.). When a batch update is interrupted, only a portion of the intended updates may occur. If a user later clears the batch, there is no way to determine the updated data.