Audit Options

The Audit Options section on the JB Company Parameters form.

The audit options determine when new records of changes are added to the HQ Master Audit (HQMA) database table. For example, if you change a setting on the company parameters form, the system creates a new record of the change in the HQMA table.

You can view records in the HQMA table using the HQ Audit Detail report in the HQ module. See About Viewing the Master Audit Log for more information about viewing audit records in the HQMA table.

The following list describes the audit options.

  • Company Parameters – (JB Company Parameters) This option is always checked and is disabled. Any changes made to the JB Company Parameters program will be tracked in the Master Audit file.

  • JB Bill – Check this box if you want to track changes made to the bill header and items in JB Progress Billing, and to the bill header on T&M billings.

  • JB Template – Check this box to track changes made to T&M templates.

Note: When setting up a company, the entry of invalid data in certain fields will cause a warning; however, entries will be allowed and the record can be saved. This primarily applies to (but is not limited to) required data such as the “interface to” companies and journals, since it is sometimes necessary to set up company information before setting up the data being requested.