Automatic Update of Prev Billed and ChgOrder Amounts...

The Automatic Update of Prev Billed and Chg Order Amounts on Future Bills check box on the JB Company Parameters form.

Select this check box to automatically update the previous amount on all future billings when changes are made to progress and T&M billings. When you change a billing, the system will automatically update the previous billed amounts, as well as the current contract amount and units on all subsequent (future) billings for that contract/customer.

For progress billings, changes made to approved change order items (in JB Progress Change Order) will update the previous change order additions and deductions. Any manual changes to previous amounts will be recalculated based on the previous and current amounts of the previous billing.

Note: When this option is selected (recommended), it is strongly suggested that you do NOT check the "Allow Changes to Previous and Contract Amounts" option (above).

Do not select this check box if changes made to billings should not automatically update previous amounts, change order adds/deducts, and current contract/contract units. Updates to these values will need to be made manually using the update options in the File menus of the JB Progress Billing and JB T&M Bill Edit forms. When updates are done manually, the system adds the value of the change for the current billing to the current billing's previous amount and recalculates the previous amounts for all subsequent billings.