Flag JC Transactions Not Defined on Template…

This flag indicates what billing status will be assigned to job cost detail records that do not have a source/cost type defined in a template or are set up with the Bill Flag set to ‘Neither’ in JC Phase Cost Types.

Check this box to mark detail records as ‘unbillable’ (status 2). Records with this billing status will not be available for future billing even if you define a source/cost type on a template later or the bill flag in JC Phase Cost Types is changed. These records will appear on an error report for review on this billing but will not be included in the invoice.

Leave this box unchecked if you do not want detail records assigned a billing status. Records will appear on the error report but will not be included in the invoice. If you do not change the Bill Flag in JC Phase Cost Types or the template to include these records, they will continue to come up on future invoices as errors.

It is recommended that all sources and cost types be defined in the templates, even if they are defined as non-billable (typically Burden). If you commonly have phase/cost types that are non-billable but specific to a job, checking this flag will keep them from coming up on each billing.

For related information, see About the JB Company Parameters Form.