Review Level

The Review Level drop-down on the JB Company Parameters form.

This field is enabled only when the Use Review and Approval Workflow check box (above) is selected.

From the drop-down, select the review level.
  • 0 - Any

  • 1 - Ready for Review

  • 2 - Draft Approved

  • 3 - Sent to Customer

  • 4 - Approved for Billing

The option selected here determines the minimum level of the review process that is required to interface billings to Accounts Receivable. For example, if you select3 - Sent to Customer here, you must select the Sent to Customers or Approved for Billing check box for the selected billing (in JB Progress Billing or JB T&M Billing) before you can interface that bill. If you select theReady to Review orDraft Approved check box, that billing will not be available for selection in JB Interface.

Note: You can override the Review Level by contract in JB Contract Info, JC Contracts, or PM Contracts. However, because these three forms share a table, updating the Review Level in one form automatically updates the Review Level in the other two forms