About Overriding Revenue Projections

You can override revenue projections for a contract using the Revenue tab in JC Override Projections.

Enter a date in the Through Month field and the contracts that display in the lower portion of the form are filtered by contract start date. For example if you enter 7/13 in the Through Month field, only contracts with a start date prior to or equal to will display in the lower portion of the form. This only applies when using the Revenue tab. It does not apply when using the Cost tab.

The Previous Override Projection column tracks the override projection amount entered in the previous month. This is the amount that is copied when using the File > Copy Revenue Overrides option (see below). The Future CO Amt column is the sum of all pending change orders for the contract (from Project Management) that are flagged to be included in projections. The Current Contract Amount and Current Projected Amount columns are the sum of the ContractAmt and ProjDollars columns (for all contract items), respectively, in the Contract Item by Period table (JCIP).