% Complete

Disabled for U/C and U/HR, HR/U, ManDays, and CST/HR.

Use this column to override (plug) the percent complete for Units, Hours, and/or Costs for each phase/cost type on the job (up to 4 digits and 6 decimals; however, value must be less than 10000.)

  • If hours are not being tracked for the selected cost type (flag in JC Cost Types), this field is disabled and values cannot be plugged.

  • If you enter a value in this field for a phase/cost type with estimate values for units, hours, or costs, and no actual values, the system will compute the Over/Under, Remaining, and Final fields as 0.00.

Once you plug a value, all other values on that line (as well as all lines below it) will be recalculated by the system. In addition, an asterisk is placed in the P column (upper grid) to indicate plugged amounts and the line color changes to light yellow. If the Buy Out flag is checked for the phase and the plugged value does not equal the buy out value, the line color changes to blue. If a line’s remaining committed cost plus actual cost exceeds the projected cost, the line color changes to peach (only if using Actual projection method). (Tip: Right clicking the mouse will display an explanation of what the row colors represent.)

Note: You can use the Page Down/Page Up keys to plug amounts for remaining phase/cost types without having to select the phase/cost type first. For example, if you select a phase/cost type to work on and enter % Complete Units, you can then press the Page Down key to enter % complete units for the next phase/cost type. The cursor will remain in the % Complete Units field, allowing you to quickly plug amounts for all phase/cost types on the job.

JC Cost Projections