When adding new entries, this field defaults to A (Add) and cannot be changed.

If this is an existing transaction (i.e., a projection detail line that was pulled into the current batch), specify the action for this entry.

  • Change - Use this action to make changes to detail lines that have already been processed.

  • Delete - Use this action to delete the detail line from the JC Projection Transaction Detail table (JCPR). This will eliminate the record from all future projection batches.

Note: Using the delete functions in the toolbar and Records menu will only delete the entry from the batch. Why is this field disabled?

The Projection Detail tab is only enabled when the Activate projection detail feature box is checked (PM Company Parameters form, Projections tab).

The fields on the Projection Detail tab are enabled based on the JB cost type category associated with the selected cost type (JC Cost Types form, JC Cost Type Category field).

JC Cost Projections