This field is only accessible if sorting by phase (i.e. Order By is set to ‘P-Phase’ in JC Projection Options).

Enter the phase for which to review or update projections. The projections grid (above) will display phases/cost types in numeric order and this field will default the first phase in the grid. The Cost Type field to the right will default the first cost type for the phase. The phases/cost types displayed are based on the phase range and cost types specified in JC Projection Options.

Note: The ‘Cycle Through Items or Phases One at a Time’ option (JC Projection Options) determines how you will cycle through records. If checked, the grid will show only cost types assigned to this phase. If unchecked, all cost types for all phases are included in the grid (in numeric order).
Tip: To cycle through each phase/cost type for the contract item, use the Page Down key (from either this field or the Phase field below). To move to the next contract item, use the left/right arrow buttons (/) to the left.  

JC Cost Projections