Enter the number of units that apply to this projection detail line.

For Labor and Equipment lines (those with cost types having a JB Cost Type Category of ‘Labor’ or ‘Equipment’), if you specified a budget code with a Costing Level of ‘Detail’ and a Basis of ‘Hour’, units refers to the number of time units, based on the UM. So, if the UM is Days, enter the number of days; if the UM is WEEK, enter the number of weeks; and so forth.

Note: The system multiplies units x hrs/unit x number of the craft, craft/class, or equipment specified in the Number Of field to determine the total hours for the detail line. Why is this field disabled?

The Projection Detail tab is only enabled when the Activate projection detail feature box is checked (PM Company Parameters form, Projections tab).

The fields on the Projection Detail tab are enabled based on the JB cost type category associated with the selected cost type (JC Cost Types form, JC Cost Type Category field).

JC Cost Projections