Revenue: Notes

Use this field to enter notes pertaining to this contract/projection override. For additional space, double-click the field to access the Grid Notes Form. Space is virtually unlimited; however, there is maximum allowance of 8k.

Standard notes (set up in HQ Standard Note) can be added if applicable; however, you must have focus in the Grid Notes Form. Then right click the mouse and select the Standard Notes option from the shortcut menu to display the Std Note Copy window. Enter the note you wish to copy (use F4 for a list of standard notes) and click OK to add the note.

Tip: To indent the first line of a paragraph (or to create columns), press 'Ctrl + Tab'. Repeat for each tab increment.
Note: If you use the copy feature to copy override projections from one month to another, you also have the option to copy the notes entered for each job. Once copied, notes can be edited.  

JC Override Projections