About Buy Out

Use the Buy Out check box in JC Cost Projections to indicate when the buyout is complete for a phase/cost type; that is, total commitments have been made through subcontracts, purchase orders, and/or material orders.

The Buy Out check box initially defaults based on the setting for each phase/cost type in JC Job Phases, and is only used when the projection method (in JC Company Parameters) is set to ‘Actual + Committed’. It may be overridden; however, if you change the setting, make sure to recalculate your projections.

When buyout is complete for a phase/cost type (including linked cost types), the Final and Forecast amounts will be calculated as the actual cost plus total remaining committed cost. Once calculated, buyout amounts are not considered “plugged” amounts, and are ignored when projections are recalculated. In addition, because buyouts are not considered plugged amounts, the Write Over Plugged Values options (in the Projection Initialization window) will not have any effect on them.

If the Buy Out box is checked for a phase/cost type with a plugged value, and the plugged value does not equal the buyout value, the line color changes to light blue.