About Plugging Amounts

You can manipulate % Complete, Under/Over, and Remaining amount for phases/cost types when entering cost projections in JC Cost Projections.

When updating projections, there are five different lines for which plugged amounts can be entered:

  • Units

  • Hours

  • Costs

  • U/C

  • U/HR (units/hour), HR/U (hours/unit), ManDays, or CST/HR (costs/hour)

Note: You can toggle between the U/HR, HR/U, ManDays, or CST/HR options using the chevron button directly to the right.

You can plug the amounts for Units, Hours, and Costs, with one exception—if you are not tracking hours for the specified cost type, all Hours columns are disabled and entry is not allowed.  The U/C line allows manipulating Remaining and Final amounts only, as does the last line (U/HR, HR/U, ManDays, or CST/HR); however, you can only manipulate amounts for the last line if you are tracking hours for the specified cost type.

If you are using the ManDays feature, the value entered will either be multiplied or divided by the Hrs/ManDay shown above the entry grid, depending on whether you are entering hours or man-days. If entering man-days, the value will be multiplied by the Hrs/ManDay. For example, if the Hrs/ManDay is set to 8, and you change the remaining man-days from 10 to 15, the remaining hours will increase to 120 (15 x 8). If you are entering hours, the value is divided by the Hrs/ManDay. Therefore, if you change the remaining hours from 120 to 180, the remaining man-days will be increased to 22.50 (180 ÷ 8). All other man-day and hours values, as well as costs and unit cost values, will be recalculated accordingly.