About Overriding (Plug) Columns

The % Complete, Over/Under, Remaining, and Final columns allow you four different ways to plug the projected final amount for each phase.

If you change the existing values for any of these columns, the program will recalculate each of the remaining columns and flag the item as ‘plugged’. Plugged entries are highlighted in yellow and will show an asterisk (*) in the P column of the Phases grid (if you specified to show column). (During batch processing, the ‘plugged’ flag is updated to the JC Cost by Period table (JCCP) for each applicable phase/cost type. This allows for use in reports.)

Note: If you enter a value in the % Complete field for a phase/cost type with estimate values for units, hours, or costs, and no actual values, the system will compute the Over/Under, Remaining, and Final fields as 0.00.

If you check the Buy Out flag for a plugged phase/cost type, and the plugged value is not equal to the buyout value, the line's color will be light blue. If the remaining committed cost plus actual cost for the phase exceeds the projected cost, the line color changes to peach (only if using Actual projection method). If you allow inactive phases and cost type to be included in cost projections (flag in JC Projection Options), inactive phases/cost types will be highlighted in gray (overrides all other colors).

Tip: Right clicking your mouse while in the projections grid will display an explanation of what the row colors represent.

It is important to note that the Projection posting options you selected in JC Company Parameters determine what data you can manipulate here. For example, to allow the percent complete figures to be manipulated in this program, make sure the Percent Complete option in the company file is checked. If an option is not checked, the corresponding column is disabled. Calculations will be displayed, but you will not be able to access the column for manipulations. The Projection Method selected in the company file determines whether projection calculations will be based on Actual Costs or Actual + Committed Costs, and the Minimum Percent Complete specified controls at what level of completion cost projections should begin.