About the JC Change Orders Form

Use this form to post approved change orders to existing jobs.

Change order amounts posted here may affect current contract amounts and/or current phase estimates; they do not affect the Original contract amount or Original phase estimate amounts.

Note: If a change order affects a subcontract as well as the current estimate for the job, you will also need to use the Subcontract Change Order Entry form.

Proposed, pending, or other unapproved change orders (changes that should not yet impact current contract or job estimate amounts) can be entered through the Project Management (PM) module. You can track proposed change orders in PM until they are approved, and then automatically interface them to Job Cost and Subcontract Ledger when applicable.

A warning about Change Order Tracking: If you have purchased the Project Management (PM) module, it is recommended that you create all change orders in PM and interface them to Job Cost as they become approved. This is true even if a change order is initially entered as ‘approved’ rather than ‘pending’. The reason for this is that PM and JC use different tables to store change order detail (and Pending change detail is available only in PM tables). Processing change orders in this manner will guarantee the most comprehensive level of reporting in both JC and PM modules for all change order activity on a job.

Initializing Phases to Job Roles

If you are using the job roles functionality and have assigned roles to jobs (in JC Jobs), you can use the Job Phase Roles Initialize option (File menu) to initialize phases to roles assigned to a job.

Although this functionality does not directly impact change orders, it does allow you to assign any phases added for a change order to job roles.

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