About the JC Contract Close Form

Use the JC Contract Close form to perform a soft close or a final close on contracts that have been completed.

Closing a contract will also close all of the related jobs.

You cannot close a contract if revenue or costs are posted to future months; for example, if you try to close a contract in June but there are Job Cost transactions posted to July.

Open purchase orders and open subcontracts are listed on the Open PO's and Open SL's tabs. If you allow closing a job including any purchase orders or subcontracts that have not been interfaced, select either the Close Purchase Orders when Job Hard-Closed check box or the Close Subcontracts when Job Hard-Closed check box on the Info tab of the JC Company Parameters form.

Close a contract

Add multiple contracts to the JC Contract Close batch (JC Contract Close Initialize)

Soft Close vs. Final Close

Which contracts can be closed?

How does closing a contract affect the general ledger?