Offset Account

Specify the GL account (from GL Chart of Accounts) to use for the offsetting entry.

If the JC Type is IN-Inventory, the account must have a sub ledger code of 'I' (Inventory) or 'null' (blank). The offset account will default from the Job Sales account (Sales Accounts tab) defined for the specified IN Co/Location in IN Locations, IN Location Company Override, or IN Location Co & Category Override.

Note: This field is disabled for IN-Inventory transactions; if you did not define a Job Sales account for the specified location, this account will default as null. You will be required to assign a Job Sales account in IN Locations before you can process the batch.

If the JC Type is MI-Miscellaneous, the sub ledger code must be 'null'. The offset account will default as follows:

  • If a non-stocked material, defaults the Non-Stocked GL Account defined in HQ Material Categories.

  • If a miscellaneous material (not set up in HQ Materials), defaults the Misc Matl GL Account specified in JC Company Parameters (Material tab), less any tax.

JC Material Use