Actual Date

Use this field to enter the date of the progress. This allows you to have records with the same phase and cost type but different actual dates, for example if you import records from 3rd party applications like Heavy Job or Bid2Win.

We recommend that the date entered in this field be in the batch month. Posting to dates outside the batch month may cause discrepancies between progress and projections since projections work strictly off the batch month, and Current Complete (in Progress Entry) includes any prior posting through the batch month and date entered.

For example, if you enter progress in Batch Month 06/XX, but Date 07/01/XX, and then go into Cost Projections for Batch Month 06/XX. Because projections look at only the batch month, the projections batch will include the posting for 07/01/XX. However, if you then open a progress batch in Batch Month 06/XX, Date 06/30/XX, Current Complete will not include the 07/01/XX posting.



JC Progress Entry