Cost Type

If you initialized cost types to the grid (via JC Progress Filter), displays all cost types specified for display. Otherwise, defaults as null.

Note: Regardless of the cost types selected for display, if you are using linked cost types, they will only display in the grid if you checked the Show Linked Cost Types option (in the Options menu), or if you overrode them using the JC Progress Link CT Detail form (accessed by selecting File > Maintain Progress Link Cost Types).

Enter the cost type to which you want progress posted for this phase or accept the defaulted cost type. For new sequences, you can use CTRL+N and CTRL+L to cycle through cost types for the specified phase that are not already in the batch. CTRL+N will move you to the next cost type, CTRL+L will move you to the previous cost type.

Note: To cycle through phases/cost types already in the batch, use the Page Up/Page Down keys.  

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