About JB Contract Info

Use the JB Contract Info tab in JC Contracts to set up additional information about a contract for billing purposes.

The JB Contract Info tab is identical to the JB Contract Info form, with both updating the JCCM table; therefore, data entered on this tab updates JB Contract Info and vice versa.

Much of the information entered here will be used as defaults when entering progress or T&M billings in JB. This includes the processing group, receivable type, miscellaneous distribution code, and override billing address. For contracts that will be billed as progress, you can specify whether to round billing, billings and retainage, or not use rounding, whether to bill a contract only on its completion, and whether to report retainage at the item level. For contracts that will be billed on a T&M basis, options are provided for specifying the customer reference number, the T&M template that will be used when billing the contract, the billing limit, and the flat amount to use for ‘Amount’ type bill sequences.

You also have the option to enter AIA information (i.e. architect name and project number, contract description, and start date); however, this information will only be used for AIA reporting.