Initialize As $0.00

This option determines how This Bill WC Units/This Bill WC Amount values are initialized for contract item's in JB Bill Initialization (using options P, B, or X only). When checked, initialization sets the contract item's This Bill WC Units/This Bill WC Amount values to 0.00 in JB Progress Billings (Items tab). You can edit item amounts as necessary in JB Bill Edit (Items tab).

You might typically check this box for:

  • contract items that have been over billed (e.g. mobilization, equipment movement, etc.).

  • fully billed negative contract items

  • contract items for which you are billing negative change orders

Note: Percent complete calculations do not handle negative amounts, so checking this box will prevent generating positive billings for negative amounts during the bill initialization process.
Tip: If you do not want bill amounts initialized for any contract items, you can set an F3 on the Initialize As $0.00 field to default to checked when you add a new contract item.

If the Initialize As $0.00 box is unchecked, the system will initialize the contract item's This Bill WC Units as a calculation of the To Date Units minus Previous Units. For LS item's, This Bill WC Amount will be initialized as calculation of To Date Amount minus Previous Amount.

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