About the JC Job Phase Roles Initialize Form

Use this form to initialize phases to a job role.

Although you can add phases to roles manually in JC Job Phases and PM Project Phases, using this form will allow you to select multiple phases and then update them to the job role at one time.

You can access this form using the PM Work Center, or by selecting File > Job Phase Roles Initialize from several JC and PM module forms (for example JC Jobs, JC Cost Projections, PM Projects, PM Pending Change Orders, etc.)

Note: You must have assigned roles to the job in JC Jobs or to the project in PM Projects (pending projects) before you can initialize phases to job roles here.

Once you specify the User Name and Process (the form in which the selected phases will be available to the user/role, you will select phases from the Available Job Phases list and add them to the Selected Job Phases list. You can then update them to the job role (in JC Job Phases or PM Project Phases).

Note: Roles assigned at the job phase level are used as filtering mechanisms in JC Cost Projections and JC Progress Entry; therefore, if you accessed this form from either of these forms, phases added to the user/role via this form will be added automatically to the entry grid for the user/role.

Initializing Phases to Job Roles