About the JC Original Estimates Form

Use this form to create original estimates for each phase on a job.

You can access this form from the main menu or by double-clicking a cost type on the Estimates grid in JC Jobs.

Once you set up estimated units for a phase, you can post progress to the phase so that a percent complete can be determined and used for suggested billing information and meaningful job cost reports.
  • Initialize Cost Types - If you are adding phases to a job using this program, you will also need to add the cost types for each phase—they are not added automatically. You can initialize cost types either using the Initialize button (above grid) or by selecting the Initialize Cost Types option from the File menu. Initialization will add all cost types for the phase as defined in JC Phases. The unit of measure and bill flag for each cost type will default from JC Phases, and the Hours, Units, Unit Cost, and Cost values will be set to 0.00. You can enter estimate information as necessary

  • Add a New Phase to a Job - You can add a new phase to a job. For more information, see Add a New Phase to a Job.
  • Entering Units for Lump Sum Phase/Cost Types - In most cases, Viewpoint restricts the entry of units when the unit of measure is LS (lump sum). However, if you will be updating progress using JC Progress Entry, it is recommended that you enter units (1 or 100) for phase/cost type estimates where the unit of measure is LS. This will allow for entering percent complete for progress on the job. Many Job Cost reports use this information for monitoring progress and projecting final costs.
  • Job Total and Phase Total fields - The Job Total and Phase Total fields at the top of the form provide a running total of estimated costs as they are entered for each cost type on a phase.

About Cost Projections