Cost Type

If this is an existing phase for this job, specify the cost type to review/modify.

If you enter a cost type that does not already exist for the phase (in JC Job Phases), it will be added automatically.

Note: If the cost type is not set up for the phase in JC Phases, it will be added for phase in JC Job Phases, but it will not be added to the phase in JC Phases.

If this is a new phase for the job, you can add cost types either manually or by initializing them (using the Initialize Cost Types button). If initializing, all cost types defined for the phase in JC Phases will be added. You can then set up estimate information as necessary.

  • Once you add a cost type manually, you cannot use the initialize feature. Remaining cost types must be entered manually.

  • If this is a hard- or soft- closed job, you can only add new cost types if you allow posting to hard- and/or soft-closed jobs (i.e. the 'allow posting to closed jobs' flags in JC Company Parameters are unchecked).


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