Review Level

The Review Level drop-down on the JC Contracts form, JB Info tab.

This field is enabled only when the Use Review and Approval Workflow check box in the JB Company Parameters form is selected.

This field initially defaults based on the review level selected in the Review Level for AR Interface drop-down in the JB Company Parameters form. You may override the default as needed. Available options are as follows:
  • 0 - Any
  • 1 - Ready for Review
  • 2 - Draft Approved
  • 3 - Sent to Customer
  • 4 - Approved for Billing
The option you select here determines the minimum level of the review process that is required to interface billings to Accounts Receivable for this contract. For example, if you select 4 - Approved for Billing, you must select the Approved for Billing check box for the selected billing (in either the JB Progress Billing or JB T&M Bill Edit form) before you can interface that bill. If you select any of the other options (0-3) for the billing, that billing will not be available for selection in JB Interface.
Note: The JB Contract Info, JC Contract Master, and PM Contracts forms share the same table (bJCCM). Therefore, entry in this field in any of the three forms will automatically update the corresponding field in the other two forms.