The Status field on the JC Field Ticket form, Info tab.

Specify the current status of this field ticket.
  • O-Open - This status is applied when you create a field ticket in either this form or in Field Management. You can only post costs to field tickets with this status; therefore, you should not change from this status until you are ready to close and/or approve this field ticket for billing.

  • C-Closed - Select this status when you are ready to close this field ticket and submit it for approval.
    Note: You cannot change the status of a field ticket to Closed or Approved if the field ticket is referenced in any open batches (such as PR Timecard, EM Usage, etc.).
  • A-Approved - Select this status when the field ticket is approved for billing.

  • Rejected - Select this status if the field ticket was not approved for billing.

  • B-Billed - This status is applied automatically when you create a billing for the contract/job associated with the field ticket (via JB Bill Initialization or JB T&M Bill Edit). In addition, the system populates the Bill Month and Bill Number fields, which cannot be changed.
    Note: You cannot manually change a field ticket to or from the Billed status.