Construction Type

Construction Type drop down in the JC Jobs form, PR Info tab.

Used by the Payroll module for certified reporting purposes. Only required if sub-jobs for this project represent different types of construction (that is, distinct wage determinations).

Select the type for each job. The PR Certified Export - eMars report (U.S. only, ReportID 1315) will then break out your payroll data by construction type as needed, displaying the appropriate value for each employee wage-and-hour record in the Construction Type column. This meets the requirement for projects governed by multiple wage determinations (wage schedules).

Valid types are:

  • B-Building

  • D-Dredging

  • H-Heavy

  • R-Residential

  • W-Highway

Note: Many of the fields on the JC Jobs form are also on the PM Projects form. When you make a change to this field on the JC Jobs form, the system immediately updates the same field on the PM Projects form.