Enter the contract associated with the job/project or press F4 to select on from a list.

When creating a new job/project, this field defaults a contract number identical to the job number. You can accept the default or enter a new contract number.

Changing the contract assigned to a job

The contract assigned to a job can be changed, as long as there is no existing change order detail in JC or PM. All records in the JC Job Phases form will automatically be updated with the new contract. If the contract item to which a phase is linked does not exist on the new contract, the phase will be assigned to the first contract item on file for the contract. Incorrect links can be edited in JC Job Phases.

Note: Many of the fields on the JC Jobs form are also on the PM Projects form. When you make a change to this field on the JC Jobs form, the system immediately updates the same field on the PM Projects form.

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