Phases on This Job Are Locked

Check this box to lock phases for this job so that only those phases/cost types assigned to this job (in JC Job Phases or JC Job Original Job Estimates) can be used when posting committed or actual costs in the Accounting modules. In addition, phase lookups for locked jobs (i.e. F4 at Phase) will use JCJP (Job Phases) rather than the JCPM (Phase Master).

Note: Project Management and JC Change Orders do not follow this rule.

Leave this box unchecked to allow posting to any phase/cost type where the validated portion of the phase is set up in the phase master. Phase lookups will list all phases set up in JC Phases or provide options for both job phases or all phases.

Note: Many of the fields on the JC Jobs form are also on the PM Projects form. When you make a change to this field on the JC Jobs form, the system immediately updates the same field on the PM Projects form.

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