Reviewer Groups: Invoices

Use this field to set up a default reviewer group for invoice lines that reference this job in AP Unapproved Invoice Entry .

For example, if you create a subcontract for this job in the SL module, and then add it to a claim and send it to the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry process (using the SL claims process), the invoice line items will default with this reviewer group.

Press F4 in this field to select an active reviewer group from a list. Reviewer groups are created and maintained using the HQ Reviewer Groups. If you need to manage reviewer groups, press F5 to go to the HQ Reviewer Group form.

Note: Many of the fields on the JC Jobs form are also on the PM Projects form. When you make a change to this field on the JC Jobs form, the system immediately updates the same field on the PM Projects form.

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