Enter the sequence number (0-255) for this reviewer. If left blank, defaults as sequence '1'.

For unapproved invoices only, if you are using a hierarchical method of invoice approval, this sequence number should represent the order in which this reviewer is to review and approve invoices associated with this job.

For example, if this reviewer must approve an invoice/invoice line before anyone else, enter the Seq as '1'. Reviewers with sequences greater than '1' (i.e. 2, 3, etc.) will be unable to review and approve an invoice/invoice line until this reviewer has marked it as approved. If not using a hierarchical method, all reviewers can be assigned Seq '1'.

Note: If the reviewer is authorized to review and approve both unapproved invoices and purchase requisitions, assign the sequence number based on the numbering system designated for unapproved invoices.  

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