Item and Phase Unit Flags

Just as it is important to use the Bill Flag to designate which phase and cost type’s units are to be totalled for billing purposes, similar flags may be used to designate totalling for reports.

If comparison reporting of costs to revenue is done at the contract item (pay item) level on unit priced items, and total unit cost for the contract item is needed, then all costs, but only units with the Item Units flag of Y, may be totalled and divided. Typically, the Item Units flag will be set to Y on the same phase/cost type combination where the Bill Flag is Y because they have generally the same purpose.

If doing summary reporting at the phase level, you may have multiple cost types with the same or different units of measure and with quantities associated with them. If you want to get total unit cost at the phase level, you may do so by setting up a single cost type with the Phase Unit flag as Y. Then all costs are totalled, but only the units associated with the Phase Unit flag are totalled and divided to get phase unit costs.