Lump Sum Items

Throughout the software, the ‘LS’ unit of measure is given special meaning. It is designed to be used whenever entering units does not make sense, such as for a lump sum subcontract or a general conditions phase.

In most cases, when you are entering data against an LS item, the units and unit cost fields are skipped, and you just enter the dollar amount.

In Job Cost, if the unit of measure on a job/phase/cost type is LS, you can choose to ignore units completely if you wish. Or, if you still want to post progress (i.e., percent complete), do so as follows:

  1. In the JC Original Estimates program, set the estimated units to 1.00.
  2. In the JC Progress Entry program, enter progress either as a percentage or as units between 0.00 and 1.00.

    If you do this, the JC Cost Projections program will calculate projected cost based on progress. If you do not, the Cost Projections program will still develop a projection, but it will be based on dollars only.